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Bodyforming Institute

The Bodyforming Institute will help you regain your top form in no time

There is no such thing as absolute health without a healthy and balanced body. Excess weight and dangerous visceral fat in the abdomen are signs that your body has lost homeostasis, its natural balance.


This is due to our lifestyle – bad habits, stress, fast food, irregular meals, carbonated drinks, alcohol and lack of exercise.

As part of our unique Dental SPA concept developed by Dr Trampuš and the Bodyforming Institute, we created a centre for health and beauty where the proverbial healthy mind in a healthy body reaches its full meaning. The method conceived by Dr Trampuš is based on the latest scientific knowledge on nutrition, body shaping and restoring the natural hormonal balance.

We help you restore your hormonal balance

Hormones affect all physiological processes in the body – the metabolism of all substances entering our body, our mood, immunity and fertility, and they also regulate sleep and cognitive processes. There is no process in the body in which hormones are not involved. When it comes to weight loss and body shaping, hormones also play a very important role. We know that they affect both the accumulation and loss of body fat. For example, during the weight loss process, it is very important to balance insulin and cortisol (stress hormone) levels, while stimulating the release of growth hormone, which builds muscle mass, reduces body fat and generally rejuvenates the body.

With our knowledge and your commitment success is guaranteed!

If you want to shape your body with the Bodyforming Institute method, sign up for a free consultation and let our experts offer you the best, personalised advice and guide you through the process of shaping your body and getting fit.

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