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The future of implantology for all patients with severe jaw bone atrophy

Get to know SUBPERIOSTEAL (individualized) IMPLANTS - the most advanced method of restoring a smile!

Find out everything about the method that is performed on a daily basis at the ORTOIMPLANT DENTAL SPA clinic in Zagreb and entrust the care of your smile to the world-renowned implantologist and oral surgeon

Dr. Zdenko Trampuš, DDS!


What are SUBPERIOSTEAL (individualized) IMPLANTS?

  • An excellent alternative to long-term jaw bone augmentation in patients with severe bone atrophy in the lower (or upper) jaw.

  • One of the oldest forms of dental implants. However, unlike the very beginnings of their implantation, what makes the difference today is extreme precision, digital diagnostics (CBCT X-ray) and 3D modelling.

  • Fully individualized dental implants that are made for each patient separately, according to the specifics and requirements of their jaw anatomy.

  • Subperiosteal implants are distinguished by the highest possible precision during implantation, since modern diagnostics and implant manufacturing technologies guarantee this.


"The advantage of installing subperiosteal implants is that the treatment is reduced to only one operation, and 3D printed implants represent a safe solution for the rehabilitation of severely atrophic patients' jaws"

Dr. Zdenko Trampuš, DDS


Are SUBPERIOSTEAL (individualized) IMPLANTS the solution for me?

If the most advanced diagnostic methods (CBCT X-ray device) have shown that you have severe bone atrophy in the lower (or upper) jaw, Dr.

Zdenko Trampuš, DDS could suggest SUBPERIOSTEAL (individualized) IMPLANTS as the highest quality and most sustainable solution for you.

In order to successfully insert standard (endosal) implants, the patient has to have sufficient bone volume. However, in some people, this volume is not adequate, especially when it comes to the lower jaw in elderly patients, where the bone is most difficult to regenerate using conventional methods.


Why do patients lose bone volume?

This is a physiological process of ageing and bone decay. Due to a lack of teeth, the jaw bone begins to recede and slowly disappear, and this is the most common reason why patients lack the bone volume that would be sufficient for installing standard (endosal) implants. It should also be borne in mind that wearing a classic prosthesis, as well as the loss of previously installed implants, can reduce bone volume.  

In such cases, it is necessary to resort to a solution that will provide sufficient support for fixed prosthetic work in cases where there is very little or no bone left.


Who can diagnose bone loss?

Only detailed diagnostics and experts such as Dr. Zdenko Trampuš, DDS have enough experience and knowledge to identify the reasons for bone loss (atrophy), since some systemic diseases can also cause jaw bone loss and disappearance. Therefore, it is necessary to undergo complete diagnostics and examination, after which you will find out everything about the reasons for bone loss, as well as the solutions that are best for you.

Is there another solution for bone atrophy?

Although successful in many cases, bone regeneration methods also involve certain risks, such as infections, as well as some other complications. This, of course, will increase the duration and cost of the actual therapy, so in patients with severe bone atrophy in the lower jaw, a suitable and more sustainable solution should be found. These are, in fact, SUBPERIOSTEAL (individualized) IMPLANTS.


If there is already bone loss, isn't a standard prosthesis a good solution?

In the past, in case of missing teeth, we only had standard dentures - partial or complete. Those who have ever worn prosthesis know very well how much dentures reduce the quality of life, and in addition – dentures hurt, cause discomfort, and the flavour of food cannot be felt with the full palate.

Although this solution is financially more demanding, it is, nonetheless, the best for our patients, so we can say that only rare systemic diseases and financial situations present obstacles to the installation of SUBPERIOSTEAL (individualized) IMPLANTS.


Fortunately, today there are implants and implantology solutions such as the All-on-4 method, Zygoma All-on-4 as well as SUBPERIOSTEAL (individualized) IMPLANTS.


What do SUBPERIOSTEAL (individualized) IMPLANTS look like?

SUBPERIOSTEAL (individualized) IMPLANTS are specific in that the metal frame is placed directly on the remaining bone and under the gum tissue (under the periosteum - the membrane that covers the surface of our bones). The metal frame is placed directly on the hard (cortical) bone, and it has a threaded base, carrying the fixed prosthesis.


What guarantees the precision of implant making?

As we have already mentioned, these implants are made for each patient individually based on the anatomy of their jaw.

Modern diagnostic methods such as CBCT X-rays (cone beam computed tomography) reduce radiation exposure by more than 96%, but also show the patient's jaw in 3D form, which is extremely important when making these implants. Based on such precise diagnostics, the digital revolution has made it possible to create a 3D subperiosteal implant that perfectly matches the specific jaw anatomy of each patient and to restore the patient's smile in the shortest possible time.


What are SUBPERIOSTEAL (individualized) IMPLANTS made of?

Of titanium (Ti-6AI-4V),, the same material from which standard implants are made. The difference is that these implants are 'printed' thanks to 3D technology and are designed individually for every person. And that's why they perfectly fit every jaw for which they are made. Implants made this way show exceptional biocompatibility and strong durability.


Is the entire treatment completely individualized?

Absolutely! Dr. Zdenko Trampuš and his team make sure that the treatment is individualized down to the last detail, and two patients with a similar problem will never have the same treatment plan. The complete treatment plan will be explained to you by Dr.

Zdenko Trampuš, DDS and everything will be carefully planned before the surgery itself, so that all you have to do is to relax in the safe hands of Dr. Trampuš.


Is it an invasive procedure?

The installation of SUBPERIOSTEAL (individualized) IMPLANTS is a complex surgical procedure that needs to be performed so that patients with an atrophic jaw can receive a fixed prosthetic solution in the fastest time possible. With the advancement of technology, the effectiveness of this method has been maximized and it has become one of the best and most successful methods for the treatment of severe bone atrophy.


What if another dentist told me there was no hope?

"There is always hope", is the message of Dr. Zdenko Trampuš, DDS to all his patients. No matter how complex your case is - there is always hope. SUBPERIOSTEAL (individualized) IMPLANTS are a solution nowadays for all those patients who were previously told that there was no solution for them. Of course, Dr. Zdenko Trampuš, DDS will decide whether you are a suitable candidate for their implantation.


What does the diagnostics look like?

Thanks to the most advanced diagnostic methods, especially the new CBCT X-ray device that is available at the Ortoimplant DENTAL SPA clinic, diagnostics enable the evaluation of the remaining bone and make it easier for Dr. Zdenko Trampuš, DDS to create a detailed treatment plan. In addition to this examination, as well as the first examination with Dr.

Zdenko Trampuš, DDS, it is possible that the doctor will prescribe some more tests in order to have an even better insight into your general state of health, as this significantly affects the final outcome. All of this will enable the creation of a detailed treatment plan, created individually for you.


What does the surgery look like?

You will sleep through the entire operation because Ortoimplant DENTAL SPA is the first dental clinic registered for anaesthesiology in Croatia. Although all dental procedures are performed under local anaesthesia here, such complex procedures are always performed with a specialist anaesthesiologist, under deep surgical analgosedation.


Furthermore - the Ortoimplant DENTAL SPA concept implies creating a good feeling in patients during the entire visit - from the ambiance itself and relaxing music upon arrival, all the way to aromatherapy and relaxing lymphatic drainage before going to the doctor’s office. In this sense, by practicing lymphatic drainage, biozones, oxygen therapy - the element with the strongest healing power, and magnetic therapy with torsion fields, we obtain exceptional results in shortening the recovery time and achieving client satisfaction.


Will this surgery change my life?

Of course it will! And for the better, because you will have the same quality of life as you had with your natural teeth. After the procedure, you will stay in the clinic for 3-5 days, which includes the postoperative care and accompanying therapies. In many cases, a fixed solution will be delivered to you in a very short time, allowing you to carry out all your activities completely unperturbed.

It should be kept in mind that this is a very demanding method that can only be performed by experienced dental surgeons who keep up to date with the most modern technological solutions, such as Dr. Trampuš, DDS.


The efficiency of the method is 93%!


Will I be able to use these implants like I would my natural teeth?

Of course! You will be able to chew normally with them, eat your favourite food, fruit, vegetables, meat, biscuits, bread... everything you like to eat! You will be able to laugh widely and enjoy socializing and life to the maximum.

The only downside might be that you may wonder why you didn't decide on this procedure sooner.


Our mission is to restore your smile!

Our patient satisfaction is 100%, as evidenced by the numerous satisfied patients who have put their trust in us. All patients who have been fitted with SUBPERIOSTEAL (individualized) IMPLANTS testify that their quality of life has significantly improved, that they can finally consume food without the fear and discomfort that prostheses sometimes entail, and that they are now much more satisfied in social contacts.

After all, the satisfaction of our patients is best evidenced by their satisfied smiles!

Therefore, book your first free dental examination, find out what an individualized boutique dental experience looks like and relax in the hands of Dr. Zdenko Trampuš, DDS, who will find the best solution for you.

We look forward to seeing you!

Ortoimplant DENTAL SPA

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