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Dental SPA Experience

Can you imagine a visit to the dentist being as relaxing as a visit to a spa?


You don’t have to imagine it any more – simply visit the Ortoimplant Dental SPA clinic.

A visit to the dentist finally becomes an enjoyable and painless experience. In the relaxed atmosphere of our clinic, we provide the best quality dental services in Croatia, as well as Dental SPA treatments that include therapeutic lymphatic drainage, massages, aromatherapy, oxygen therapy, biomagnetic resonance and other medical-therapeutic methods that will prepare you for dental treatment or help you recover afterwards – all for a beautiful smile that arrives in no time.

Dentistry and SPA – all in one


At Dr Trampuša’s clinic, every dental surgery or dental implant procedure begins with lymphatic drainage, which allows patients to recover faster after more complicated procedures. Lymphatic drainage alleviates symptoms of swollen tissue, pain, anxiety and stress, reduces facial redness and improves circulation. Because lymphatic drainage is slow and gentle, everyone enjoys this technique. It is followed by premedication with antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs, which eliminates any possibility of infection, as well as unpleasant pain and facial swelling.

Advanced technologies


After surgery, the patient is treated with oxygen inhalation and biomagnetic resonance, which brings all the functions of the body in harmony, restoring its balance and health. This advanced technology reduces the vibrations that burden us and removes toxins, thus boosting immunity and triggering a self-healing mechanism. As one of the first dental clinics in Croatia to introduce the use of ozone therapy in dental practice, the Ortoimplant Dental SPA clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art devices such as BOZON. Its main task is to supply cells with oxygen, which allows postoperative wounds to heal up to eight times faster. Our unique Dental SPA approach ensures there is no pain or swelling, discomfort is minimised, and patients quickly recover and return to their daily lives.

Ortoimplant Dental SPA

Visit the Ortoimplant Dental SPA clinic and give yourself a new smile. We are the only dental clinic offering dental reconstruction and rehabilitation supported by medical SPA therapies, ozone therapy, NiTe 50G magnetotherapy, lymphatic drainage, and massage of the masticatory muscles in head and neck. We offer all this in one place, under the leadership of Dr Zdenko Trampuša, DDS, the first Croatian dentist to be admitted as an honorary member to the world’s oldest dental association, the International College of Dentists, for his contribution to the advancement of the profession in the region.

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