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Aesthetic Dentistry 

Your smile is one of the first things people will notice about you. A beautiful smile has a positive effect on your self-confidence and openness. 


At Ortoimplant Dental SPA, we eliminate even the smallest imperfections using the latest methods and materials.

“It is often unfairly regarded as an oral cosmetic procedure. However, it is much more”, says Dr Zdenko Trampuš, DDS. Aesthetic dentistry is an art whose ultimate aim is harmony of the masticatory system, teeth and gums, and in order to achieve this at the highest medical level, dentists must constantly improve their skills and knowledge.

Aesthetic dentistry includes:

  • Ceramic veneers:​

Veneers are permanent prosthetic replacements that are only attached to natural teeth to improve the appearance of teeth that have changed colour, are too small, short, or have wide gaps between them.

  • Metal-free crowns:

Dental crowns can be placed on natural teeth and dental implants. Crowns are fixed to natural teeth by cementing, or they can be screwed into an implant.

  • Aesthetic fillings, also known as white fillings

  • Teeth whitening:

Natural aging and lifestyle can affect the colour of your teeth. There are many teeth-whitening products available that can achieve a long-lasting effect, but can often cause damage to the teeth and gum tissue, which is why we only recommend professional methods.

  • Cleaning and polishing teeth

  • Plastic surgery of the gums – gingivoplasty

  • Laser treatment

  • Application of dental jewellery

Specialists in aesthetic dentistry

Today, everyone wants beautiful fillings or crowns that match the colour of their teeth. But those who turn to specialists in aesthetic dentistry want more. They want aesthetics and perfection, high-value and long-lasting solutions at the highest level of dentistry.

“This requires professional competence, innate skill and feeling, but also a lot of experience, time and, above all, continuous training,” explains Dr Zdenko Trampuš. It includes analysis, counselling on prevention, reshaping of gums and placement of implants, as well as high-quality, all-natural reconstructions, such as crowns, ceramic veneers or inlays. “The result is a bright smile that guarantees a new quality of life,” says Dr Zdenko Trampuš. For all serious problems, such as overlong tooth necks, visible crown edges, bleeding gums or tooth discolouration, good solutions now exist. “The upgraded substance of the tooth looks, and thus functions, as if it were the patient’s own, and this is exactly what aesthetics is about,” Dr Zdenko Trampuš adds.

The key to achieving perfect dental aesthetics is working with a team of excellent dental technicians. Dental technicians working in the Ortoimplant Dental SPA laboratory are known as exceptional dental designers, are always on-site and actively participate in the planning phase. They talk to patients about their wishes and possible solutions. Afterwards, they design the shape, colour and contour of the tooth’s upper surface, before the new tooth is fabricated in several steps and finally cemented in the mouth.

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