The latest technologies in dentistry
Our present day life would be unthinkable without many technological advances: television, radio, telephone, cellphone, cars, computers, internet, social networks and networking, online shopping ... are just a part of what surrounds us every day.


Without the use of modern technologies in everyday life, the dynamics and speed of performing numerous processes would be lost. The same can be said for dentistry: without the use of state-of-the-art technology, numerous interventions would still be more painful and time consuming and would require more visits to the dentist.


Orthoimplant is not just another privately owned dental practice in a row, it is a top-of-the-line, third-millennium hi-tech practice. An orthoimplant is a place where the latest advances in dentistry take the lead, so that all interventions are performed as quickly and painlessly as possible to the satisfaction of patients. It is therefore not surprising that the Ortoimplant is a place where new insights into dentistry are born and developed.



At Ortoimplant we apply
numerous technologies, aiming as fast as possible
and more painless performance of the procedure:

Everest Coffee - a device for computer-aided modeling of substructures of bridges and complete ceramic crowns; the advantage of using this device is the reduced possibility of human error in the manual manufacture of crowns and bridges

Down Pack - a 3D endodontic device, and its use allows filling all channels (and those extraneous), which cannot be filled by the classical method

Morita - a machine for endodontics, which enables faster and more efficient cleaning and expansion of the canal in the tooth

Diode laser - for wide application, 36 indications (from endodontics to surgery); its administration allows for less post-operative pain and can be used without anesthesia

Biozone - wide range of applications; its primary task is to supply oxygen to the cells, which makes healing of post-operative wounds faster and easier, and is also used to sterilize dental canals

Maquet multimedia operation lamp with the ability to record operations

Piezosurgery 3 - Precision microsurgery machine without bone trauma

RTG 3D Kodak - reduces radiation by 90%!

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