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Why choose orthodontic treatment?

At the Ortoimplant Dental SPA clinic, we correct irregular teeth in patients of all ages using the latest orthodontic techniques.

While children are brought to the clinic by parents wanting to correct certain anomalies that are usually quite pronounced, adults come because they aspire to the ideal of the increasingly ubiquitous “Hollywood smile”. Braces have thus become a global trend, as well as a need, and there is ample room for progress and new technologies. Whether it is primary and high-school students or the adult population, the fact is that social norms are changing, and daily interaction with loved ones, friends, or business associates requires respecting certain social aesthetic and phonetic norms. In this, we all want the best for ourselves.



Fixed braces

Braces consist of small metal or ceramic brackets that match the colour of the teeth, and they are glued to the front of the teeth. They are tightened with special wire arches, which are regularly replaced and reattached to the brackets, which brings the teeth into the dental arch, that is, the desired position. After braces are placed, they are checked every eight to twelve weeks.

The average duration of the treatment is two to three years, depending on the complexity of individual cases. After every orthodontic treatment, there is a possibility of teeth relapsing to their former position. To prevent this, we use wires that are glued to the inside of the teeth where they are not visible. Patients should wear them for a period of time to eliminate the risk of teeth relapsing.


During orthodontic treatment, special care should be taken to maintain good oral hygiene.

Clear Aligner – a removable transparent brace

At the Ortoimplant Dental SPA clinic, we also offer invisible solutions. Using a computer, we fabricate a whole set of splints, the so-called Clear Aligner, for each patient.

The Clear Aligner transparent brace corrects the position of the teeth with a set of almost invisible transparent braces made to measure for your teeth.


Unlike traditional fixed braces, this orthodontic solution has no metal brackets or wires.

Patients wear the splint for two weeks, after which they replace it with a new one. The splint should be worn 24 hours a day and removed only during meals.


The total duration of treatment will depend on the complexity of the prescription. Unless instructed otherwise, you should have check-ups with your orthodontist every six to eight weeks.


Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics – AOO

The third method in orthodontics starts from the need to shorten the duration of treatment. This special method allows crooked teeth to be corrected after just a few weeks. “This method is especially advantageous for patients who meet a lot of people in their work or private life, or have to do a lot of talking,” says Dr Zdenko Trampuš. It involves a targeted treatment of the jawbone and accelerated osteogenic orthodontics (AOO). For each tooth, the oral surgeon makes a small cut in the surrounding bone, which the body remineralises on its own within a few months. While the cut is healing, the teeth straighten at an accelerated pace with the help of brackets. “In the first four weeks, the changes are very visible, and after that progress can be observed in the mirror almost daily,” says Dr Zdenko Trampuš. When it comes to significantly misaligned teeth, they can be straightened in as little as three to six months, and the fixed brace is removed. Since tooth movement is much faster, patients must visit the orthodontist more frequently during this phase. “This is something that the patient generally accepts,” says Dr Zdenko Trampuš, based on his experience in recent years. The method has many other advantages. For example, the procedure can simultaneously be used to rebuild the reduced bone structure and gum tissue. “In addition, dental movement can be achieved with less force than in usual treatment,” explains Dr Zdenko Trampuš.

A multidisciplinary interactive approach

Our main guideline is achieving maximum results in minimum time. With our multidisciplinary approach, your treatment can benefit at all times from the insight provided by our experts, who are internationally trained in all branches of dentistry. In addition to offering conservative, prosthetic and periodontal support, we are especially proud of the surgical capabilities of our team. The collaboration between surgeon and orthodontist can shorten the duration of treatment by 70 to 90 percent. Such collaboration is unique in Croatia.

The achievements of modern surgery allow us to no longer push the teeth through the bone, but to move the bone along with the teeth. This significantly reduces the load on the supporting structures that keep the teeth stable (the bones around the teeth and soft tissue) and prevents tooth root damage caused by long-term classical orthodontic treatment, with results that are much faster and, most importantly, permanent! In this case, speed ​​is not hurriedness, but a biological advantage and a treatment asset!

Orthopaedics and orthodontics

Ever since Leonardo da Vinci an idea has been evolving, which then became a theory and is today a fact – a healthy human body is a perfect biomechanical machine. The relationship between your spine and your hips, knees and feet has been known for a long time.

Thanks to the latest diagnostic methods and knowledge, we now know that the relationship between these anatomical structures also extends to the hands, neck, head, and jaw joints, the position of which is determined by the teeth. Our goal is to meet not only aesthetic or phonetic requirements, but to bring each patient to a state of biomechanical balance at the level of their jaw, head, neck, shoulders, spine, hips, knees and feet.

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