Your comfort and your health are our top priority. At unique Croatian dental clinic Ortoimplant, we make every effort not only to give you a pleasant experience since your first visit, but also to give you a suitable dental treatment and necessary procedures based on a diagnostic treatment that includes functional-diagnostic examination and orthodontic diagnostics to permanently take care of your problems and improve the quality of your life..

Upon arrival at our dental clinic to a previously scheduled first appointment, you will receive an ortopantomogram scan of the whole jaw for the right diagnosis. Afterwards, the functional-diagnostic and/or specialist orthodontic examination follows, depending on the current state and actual problems.

Along with diagnostic check-ups, another test is administered: the saliva test. It helps determine the amount of calcium and phosphate, the pH of saliva (acidic or alkaline) and bacterial presence (Streptococcus mutans). That way, we can properly recognize potential pathogens, factors in the mouth that cause dental caries (cavities or tooth decay), and reasons for the potential increased occurrence of dental plaque (tartar).

At the functional-diagnostic check-up, we will take impressions of your upper and lower jaw, face-bow records, centric relation or bite, and afterwards make intraoral and extraoral photos.

At the specialized orthodontic check-up in our dental clinic in Zagreb, we will make impressions of your bite and upper and lower jaws, make intraoral and extraoral photos, and test your joint and chewing muscles.

After the diagnostics, our professional team of doctors will analyze the photos and models taken to recommend a suitable therapy for you.


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