The patient came to the dental clinic with a very bad condition of the upper jaw.
The remaining four teeth did not have a favourable long term prognosis. So, after a functional and diagnostic check-up, impressions of the found condition were made and creation of the therapy plan and a prototype, they were removed. An All-on-4™ prototype was previously prepared for the patient (a temporary prosthetic solution), and it was installed immediately upon removing the four teeth and the insertion of four implants; it was built into the oral cavity and completely functional so that food could be chewed right away. After eight weeks, imprints were taken and, after a test of the titanium substructure, work on a permanent prosthetic was started. The patient was rehabilitated in the course of five visits within an eight weeks period.

composite reconstruction

The patient came with a plea to beautify the existing condition whereby the teeth should not be abraded entirely but only minimally, meaning the problem should be approached with the least possible invasion.
After a diagnostic treatment, an esthetic analysis and creating the plan for therapy, it was agreed with the patient that the teeth should be whitened and an esthetic reconstruction of the front should be undertaken in composite. In this manner the esthetic problem was resolved in only three visits and the teeth were only minimally abraded.




The patient came with a wish to have a complete prosthetic reconstruction.
With regard to very expressed and esthetically inacceptable gingiva, we have removed the surplus with the new KaVo key 3+ laser. The original condition was made esthetically acceptable without cutting and sewing and without anesthesia. After only 10 hours, the gingiva was completely free of trauma and the preparation for further prosthetic treatment could proceed unhindered. The gingivectomy procedure is performed in a single visit, and the postoperative period is of only 10 hours.

Prosthetic and
esthetic rehabilitation

The patient came with impaired esthetics of the front teeth.
After diagnostic treatment, it was agreed that the invasion for the purpose of prosthetic reconstruction should be minimal and done by esthetic veneers. Only 30% of the teeth surface was abraded and in this manner the esthetic problem was resolved with minimum invasion. The dental treatment in Croatia was completed within five days.

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