Croatia – perfect holiday 
and dental tourism destination

Croatia is located in Central Europe bordering Hungary, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia and one of the world's top 20 travel destinations where you can enjoy during holiday. Today, Croatia has developed a new tourism industry called dental tourism and works on rebranading itself as a dental tourism destination with significantly lower dental prices than in the rest of Europe.

You will be amazed to find so much beauty and so many perfect holiday destinations in a small country as Croatia. Croatia's history dates back thousands of years, with many historic buildings from the early centuries perfectly preserved.

Zagreb, the capital of Croatia is situated on the slopes of Medvednica mountain and is vibrant with a lovely cafe culture. Its lively urban energy is reflected in all aspects of its culture and can be easily accessed by visitors.

Eventhough it's a fully modern city, Zagreb does have historic areas of interest that are integral to the life of the inhabitants (Ban Jelačić Square, Dolac Market, Kaptol, St. Mark's Church, many museums...).

Near to the capital, you will find a nice region called Hrvatsko Zagorje, where you can explore little villages, romantic castles and manors, and picturesque rolling hills and vineyards.

On the other side, the Adria, with one of the most indented coastlines in Europe with its 1,185 islands and islets is a very popular if you are planning a perfect summer holiday.

If you are a gourmet and a connoisseur of fine food, or simply like tasty and healthy food, you will certainly more than enjoy Croatia, especially in Istria well-known as gourmet region with worth exploring wine cellars.

If you are a fan of national parks, Croatia will also tone your needs. Here you will find seven National parks, so more about them please find on:


Croatia – perfect 
choice for dental tourism

Croatia with Mediteranean climate makes any visitor easy to combine a dental treatment with a perfect holiday.

Recognised as a destination specialized for dental toursim especially for high quality professional dental treatments and implantology services, Croatia offers highly competative dental treatment prices and modern high-tech dental clinics with multi-language speaking staff, Croatia is a perfect chioce for any dental treatment you need. The best time for dental tourism, visiting and planing your dental treatment is spring or autumn if you want to avoid some unpleasantly warm weather. Even in winter dental tourism and visiting Croatia with its coastline and picturesque villages is popular thanks to its mild climate and pleasent weather.



What does dental 
tourism in Croatia offer?

Dental services can be very expensive depending on the country, but if you compare Croatia with the other countries in the region, you will discover that dental prices are 50%- 70% lower. Eventhough the prices are affordable, our dentists offer high quality service comparable to the other European and US dentists. Quality, low prices and beautiful attractions are reasons why you should visit Croatia and save you money. Low prices don't prevent dentists from being clean and modern, as dentists in Croatia are as well educated as in the rest of Europe. All dentists follow a five-year course of study at Zagreb's School of Dental Medicine (established in 1922) . University studies are followed by one-year practical internship and all students must undertake this before they sit their national exams. They then specialize, either within the country or abroad, often in Western Europe or North America.

Dentistry has been practiced in the country since 1777 and the entire range of treatments is available, although the most popular seem to be dental implants and cosmetic procedures.



What does Zagreb offer 
as a dental tourism destination?

If you really want to spend a perfect vacation and have your dental treatment at the same time, Zagreb is the ideal start destination for your trip. First day you can have your diagnostic examination and afterwords explore historical attracitons , treasures of history exhibited in Zagreb museums, green parks and fountains. Also, close to Zagreb we can recommend you to visit many beautiful castles (Miljana, Veliki Tabor, Trakoščan), small city – Samobor, nature park Medvednica, Hrvatsko Zagorje...etc.

After Zagreb and its surroundings you can take a half day trip to Plitvice Lake and afterwords you can prolong your trip to Adriatic coast and have perfect summer holiday.



What to expect in 
dental clinic Ortoimplant ?

Ortoimplant is a certified Centre of Quality Implantology and has been awarded the ISO 9001:2008 Certificate of Quality. Since the very beginning, we use biomimetric methods in dentistry developed by scientists and researchers form international Universities in Tokyo, Geneva and Rome. Biomimetric approach to dentistry is applied by placing an emphasis on 4 key elements: aesthetics, function, biocompatibility and biomechanics.

The Clinic is consisting of 5 dental offices with dental surgery and own certified dental laboratory is equipped with high-tech dental equipment including the latest KaVo innovation – hard Key 3+ laser produced in Germany. This is the only hard laser in Croatia that eliminates sharp sound , reduces the pain and post-operative recovery withouth anaesthesia.. Both the Clinic and the Laboratory pride themselves with the highest dental standards and hygiene standards, including the exclusive use of the most professional, secure, tested and proven materials and equipment.

Due to our dental spa concept, unique in Croatia, Ortoimplant will give you accomodation, transport and medical spa therapies that includes:

- Relaxation and massage therapies before standard dental procedures to stimulate you immun system

- Aromatherapy

- Neck pillows and herbal compresses

- Limph drenage with LED light and oxygen therapy after surgery for reducing pain and faster healing

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