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Dr. Zdenko Trampuš, DDS, has earned his diploma at the Faculty of Stomatology of the University of Zagreb and received further education in 2008 in the field of implantology at UCLA (University of California Los Angeles, SAD).
In 1993 he opened his own private dental practice and in 2006 he opened the health care facility Ortoimplant (5 surgery rooms, a dental laboratory, 19 employees). In 2003 he founded the company SMT DENT for the representation of the high-end technology in the field of medicine and dentistry. He is a member of the American Association of Oral Implantology (The Implant Prosthodontic Section of ICOI), co-founder and permanent member of the European Academy of Piezosurgery, a member of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists and co-founder and permanent member of GFDT (Society for functional diagnostics and therapy). He is a permanent member of the Croatian Society of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, plastic surgery and reconstructive surgery of the head and neck, and he is a member of the Croatian Medical Association. 
In 2008, in a team with the world-renowned implantologist Dr. Sasha Jovanovic from UCLA he was the first in the world who used biomorphogene proteins (BMP2) on a patient in order to achieve a vertical and horizontal bone growth as a future basis for the insertion of an implant.

As part of his ongoing further education regarding his clinical skills and knowledge he has graduated the ALL ON 4 implantology concept in the Malo Clinic Centre in Lisbon (Portugal), the master of aesthetic rehabilitation at the ACE Institute in Italy, as well as the master at the Academy of Piezosurgery in Italy. Dr. med. dent. Zdenko Trampuš is the first Croatian dentist who was admitted as an honorary member of the oldest international dental association ICD (International Collegue of Dentristry).

Dr. Zdenko Trampuš, DDS, moreover, brings the most modern method of solving the problem of edentulism Zygoma All-on-4 into the Croatian clinical dentistry system, which is based on the insertion of implants even in patients where the maxilla has a complete bone degeneration.

Dr. med. dent. Zdenko Trampuš is an absolute authority in the field of implantology, which means more than 300 interventions in implantology per year and more than 200 All-on-4 surgical procedures in solving edentulism. 
Dr. med. Dent. Zdenko Trampuš is an author of a new view of the dentistry, the integrated treatment concept Ortoimplant Dental Spa, which is unique in Croatia. 
As a visionary in dentistry he is in constant search for innovative forms of therapy in order to offer his patients an excellent and painless service and "that little bit more". Guided by his vision, he has developed the Ortoimplant Dental Spa - a unique concept of dental services, which ensures with convenience, relaxation and with a post-operative treatment, a speedy recovery, rapid healing and the rapid return of the patient to his daily activities.

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