A proven choice for a cutting 
edge dental implant treatment

The All-on-4™ implant-prosthetic is the most economical option for stable dental implant treatment with exquisite esthetical results. This protocol uses a prosthetic work strategically supported by four dental implants that are biomechanically positioned for maximum stability.

The All-on-4™ dental implant procedure is not new. Using four implants to support permanent teeth was introduced for the first time at “Pi” in 1987, and has continued to be a reliable and effective resource for new smiles through a quarter of a century. The success rate for prostheses built upon four implants in each arch is the same as the success rate for cases using more anchorage. Using the 3-D scans from the i-CAT scanner perfects the planning process.

There is no question that permanent teeth add comfort, confidence, vigour and vitality to the quality of life. Dental implants using the All-on-4™ treatment protocol are unequivocally the best alternative to limping through life with dentures. Besides the priceless psychological benefits of natural looking teeth, a fixed smile eliminates lifelong visits for the relining of dentures as the gum tissue perpetually recedes. It also eliminates the need for an indefinite supply of adhesive products.

The surgical procedure for the All-on-4™ protocol is minimally invasive and can almost always be accomplished simply by using local anesthesia. Our experienced team of professionals provides comprehensive pre-op and post-op information to ensure that each patient has the most comfortable experience possible in our centre. Recovery time is brief and gratification is instant. The new smile is placed upon the implants immediately following the surgical procedure. Zdenko Trampuš has performed over 50 All-on-4™ procedures and over 250 implanting procedures a year.


What is a dental implant?
A dental implant is an artificial tooth root that is placed into your jaw to hold a replacement tooth or bridge. Dental implants may be an option for people who have lost a tooth or teeth due to periodontal disease, an injury, or some other reason. Dental implants are so natural-looking and feeling that you may forget that you've ever lost teeth.


Why dental 
implants in Croatia?

For those of you who have major dental problems and are in need for extensive dental work, you may find that the dentistry offered in your country is too expensive. Whatsmore you will most likely have to take time off work to have this dental treatment performed. So why not make a holiday out of your dental treatment in beautiful country Croatia?

Treat yourself to a break in the sun while saving money on your dental treatment in Croatia. The money you save on the treatment can be used for some other experiences. So you get to have your holiday in Croatia, visit the capital city – Zagreb  and have your dental treatment at the same time.

Instead of paying ridiculous prices at home, you can enjoy in  the glamorous and sunny Dalmatia or Istria, not far away from Zagreb. Dental Implants in Ortoimplant  is run by a highly skilled and experienced prosthodontist, and oral and maxillofacial surgeon dr. Zdenko Trampuš who was educacated in implantology at UCLA in USA and who has lot of experience.

Dental Implants here in Ortoimplant will charge X per dental implant. You can rest assured that despite the low prices there is absolutely no compromise on quality. In fact, the quality is excellent. Have a look at our testimonials to see what the patients at Dental Implants in Croatia and Ortoimplant have to say about their experience. Our special dental spa concept and warm, friendly, and welcoming atmosphere will expect you from the first visit as well as highly skilled dentists who will make you feel comfortable and at ease.


Who is a candidate 
for dental implants?

The ideal candidate for a dental implant is in good general and oral health. Adequate bone in your jaw is needed to support the implant, and the best candidates have healthy gum tissues that are free of periodontal disease. Also, a good candidate should have a commitment to taking very good care of the implanted teeth and sourrounding gums.


Advantages of 
dental implants

The Advantages of Dental Implants are huge. There are several great reasons to choose dental implants:


Dental implants will 
change the face, improving your 
appearance and comfort:

Teeth provide the structure for the face. You’ll recognise someone without their teeth immediately, as their mouth has a slumped caved in appearance, which goes away when they put their dentures in. Dental implants take years off your face, by providing this crucial structure that the face needs and gives you a youthful appearance and feel like your own teeth. Because they become a part of you, implants eliminate the discomfort of removable dentures.


Dental implants will 
improve your speech and will boost 
the self-confidence:

Most importantly, dental implants can change the way one sees and feels about oneself. Some persons actually shy away from looking at another in the eye because they are so ashamed of their bad teeth. They could also have problems communicating due to their tendency to talk with their jaw partially closed. They usually don’t smile as much or try to suppress their smiles in an effort to hide their lack of teeth.


Dental implants will 
help you to enjoy your favourite 
food as before:

You can comfortably and easily eat food that was previously off limits due to your missing teeth or dentures. Having Dental implants means that you can eat food without causing pain to your gums.

Dental implants can 
protect your other healthy teeth:

Having Dental implants minimises the chance of breaking surrounding teeth due to the gaps.

Dental implants can 
stimulate bone growth:

The natural root and tooth form a unit which is anchored into the jawbone. When a tooth is removed (along with the root) the jawbone suddenly has nothing to support, and so begins to shrink at the site of the missing tooth.

No damage to 
the surrounding teeth:

Healthy teeth around the missing tooth have to be prepared for bridges or crowns. Usually healthy teeth can be damaged during this process. In many cases, they have to be cut in order to reduce their size and this shortens their life. In the case of dental implants, no preparation is required. Only the empty tooth cavity is dealt with. This means that your natural healthy teeth are kept in tact.


You can improve your 
oral health and dental hygiene:

Your dental implants are easy to take care of. They require no more than the same treatment you give to your normal teeth. Brush and floss, morning and night. As long as you use a good toothpaste brand and make regular visits your implants can last lifetime and your oral healthe will be improved.



Why are dental 
implants an investment for life?

The cost for having a dental implant placed in your mouth is dependent on many things. In general they are more expensive than the alternative in the short term way of thinking. Yet, when the cost is compared over a lifetime, there is no other treatment in dentistry that will last as long and these have the value that having an implant will provide. Usually the cost is once in a lifetime compared to root canals, bridges, or partials because they will need to be replaced many times throughout your life.


What is mini-invasive 
flap implant technology?

The latest technology in implant dentistry is so called flap-less surgery which is even less invasive and can be done withouth drilling. Dr. Zdenko Trampuš is only one in Croatia who has ability to perform this dental implant surgery thanks to the acquired extensive implantology course work at the UCLA in USA.

Making dental implant
affordable in Ortoimplant

We in unique Croatian dental clinic Ortoimplant believe that everyone has the right to natural looking, natural functioning, and aesthetically pleasing teeth. This is why we choose to make dental implants affordable at the price of X per implant. In other words, you get the dental implant and many other benefits thanks to Ortoimplant's policy and unique dental spa concept. 
Depending on your specific condition dr. Trampuš will create your treatment plan tailored to meet your needs for: 

- Replacing a single tooth 
- Replacing several teeth 
- Replacing all of your teeth ( All-on-4 method) 
- Sinus augmentation 
- Ridge modification with PRF 

Beside mentioned, your treatment plan will be consisted of many additional benefits thanks to our unique dental spa concept and the policy. You can exclusively enjoy: 

• Unique dental spa therapies which are designed to eliminate stress and all reasons for avoiding dental services (massages, floating, reflexology, Permanent contour facial) 
• Our relaxed atmosphere and frendly staff will provide the best dental sevices meeting your needs 
• tailor-made medical spa package which will boost your immunity, reduce your facial muscular tension and improve healing after dental surgery


REVOLUTIONARY Zygoma implants

The biggest obstacle to implant placement so far has been the lack of bone resulting from its resorption after many years of missing teeth, but with new Zygoma implants, this obstacle has been successfully overcome.

Although implant placement has proven to be an unprecedented dental procedure for replacing missing teeth in the jaw in the last decade, one of the biggest obstacles to their placement so far has been the lack of bone in which the implant is implanted. The thinning of the bone and the loss of its volume are due to a long-lasting missing tooth, so at the point where the tooth is missing, the bone becomes insufficient and almost unusable for implant placement.

Therefore, some methods, such as sinus lifts or PRF methods, have been developed to promote bone growth at the site where it is missing. However, in some patients, the process of bone resorption is so pronounced that many of them came to the Dental Spa concept without any hope of ever having their functional teeth again, because they were told that, due to a large lack of bone in the upper jaw, they were not candidates for implantation. implants. However, the father of the Dental Spa concept and the doyen of Croatian implantology, Dr. Zdenko Trampus, has a solution for such patients, since he is the first in Croatia to use Zygoma implants.

Zygoma implants, or zygomatic implants, are a revolutionary, new type of implant developed by Per Ingvar Brånemark, a professor from Sweden, a biologist, orthopedic surgeon, and a scientist who has devoted much of his scientific work to the method of osteointegration (bone implantation). - Revolutionary dental implants up to 55 mm in length now eliminate the need for bone grafting or sinus lift because the implants are implanted directly into the cheekbones where there is sufficient support for the implants. These implants are truly the best alternative to the long-lasting process of bone augmentation that used to be the only salvation for people with severe jaw bone resorption. With zygomatic implants, surgical trauma is reduced to a minimum, healing time after surgery is fast, and implants can also be implanted with a computer-aided implant, making their implantation success almost 100%. These implants allow us to install the implant even with a completely destroyed upper jaw, thus supplying a person who has lost any hope with fixed teeth within a few hours of sitting on a dental chair - Zdenko Trampus tells us.

How did Zygomatic Implants come about?

While scientists around the world have been trying to figure out ways to upgrade the jawbone in resorptive people, Professor Brånemark discovered that zygomatic or cheekbone has the density, quality and volume to fit implants into it, and his research thus focused on implant placement in the zygomatic bone.

Brånemark and his team implanted the first patient with a zygomatic implant back in 1989, and to this day (Professor Brånemark sadly passed away in December 2014), numerous implants have been implanted in individuals with severe upper jaw bone resorption. Dr. Zdenko Trampus is pleased to announce that he is the only one in Croatia to use this advanced implant placement technique on a daily basis, with implants available to all patients, regardless of the quality of their bone.


Zygoma implants and All-On-4

For patients with toothless jaws that have completely lost bone in the back of the upper jaw - the so-called jawbone is available. All-on-4-Zygoma Method. It is a method by which, in just 2 hours, you can get your "third", perfectly functional and highly aesthetic teeth.

All-On-4 is the latest dental hit in the world, a 4-implant quick-release system ideal for toothless jaws that allows you to digitally design your teeth using cutting-edge software. The highest quality implants on the market are implanted according to a state-of-the-art therapeutic concept, based on digital surgery planning, which makes the treatment faster and more painless. During two hours the patient receives a prototype tooth, as a temporary solution, while a permanent solution arrives in two months - explains Dr. Zdenko Trampus. Unlike the All-on-4 method, which is performed by the classical approach, the procedure performed with Zygoma implants is almost twice as expensive and is performed exclusively by dentists who possess the exceptional manual skills and training required for the dentist to master this surgical prosthetic method loss of teeth. Therefore, if you have ever been told that you are not a candidate for implant placement, do not hesitate - sign up for the first free review and consultation

Dr. Zdenko Trampus, DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery) graduated from the School of Dental Medicine, University of Zagreb, and completed his additional training and knowledge in the field of implantology in 2008 at UCLA (University of California Los Angeles, USA). In 1993, he opened his private dental office, and in 2006, a health facility with five offices, a dental laboratory and 19 employees. In Croatia, Dr. Trampus is known for his constant pursuit and presentation and introduction of state-of-the-art dental technologies and methods into dental practice. Dr. Trampus, DDS, while constantly improving his clinical skills, completed, among other things, the ALL ON 4 implant concept at the Little Clinical Center in Lisbon (Portugal), then the Master of Aesthetic Rehabilitation at the ACE Institute in Italy and the Master at the Academy of Piezo Surgery in Italy. dent. Zdenko Trampus is an absolute authority in the field of implantology, as evidenced by over 300 implant procedures per year and over 200 All-on-four surgeries in the treatment of edentulousness. He is the author of a completely new and unique look at dentistry, an integrated Dental Spa Concept, unique in this part of Europe, which, through painlessness, comfort, relaxation and postoperative care, ensures faster recovery, healing and return of the patient to daily activities.





The loss of one or more teeth can be solved with bridgework or by inserting implants. 

However, bridgework is only a temporary solution, while implanting is permanent. We use the “Keystone dental – Lifecore biomedical” solution for computer planning of operations and guidance in implant insertion, which represents the peak of modern technology in dental medicine. As an authority in the area of implantology and thanks to his great clinical experience in functional implantology, Dr.Trampuš is proud to be able to make you new teeth in just 4 hours with the help of advanced surgical methods, and you will forget about prosthesis forever.


infusion therapy

Coming Soon



FLAPLESS - installation technique
dental implants and all its implants
benefits for the patient

The focus of my work so far has been primarily on oral surgery, and in particular on surgical prosthetic implant implantation without cutting, suturing, and pain. They are based on digital surgery planning with advanced 3D RTG state-of-the-art diagnostics. In my experience, I have found that people have a great fear of implant placement, so they prefer cheaper and not-so-long-term solutions.

In any case, I would recommend dental implants to everyone for the benefit of the general public, regardless of the fact that they are a slightly more expensive solution.

• Dental implants are fully biocompatible titanium inserts that completely attach to the bone and replace the root of the tooth and are surgically implanted into the bone of the upper and / or lower jaws. This feature allows the implant to fully heal from the bone and act as an integral part of it. In modern dental implantology, we at the dental office in Zagreb Ortoimplant use techniques that, with the least invasive approach, provide the patient with function, aesthetics and comfort, which absolutely justifies the cost.

• The flapless technique, the dental implant implantation technique that I use without lifting the mucosa (gum), has many advantages: shorter surgical treatment, minimal bleeding, faster implant placement, minimal bone resorption and inflammation, and reduced postoperative discomfort for the patient. which is very important to everyone who fears. In addition, the technique is completely painless for the patient.

• Using the flapless implant placement technique, we minimally damage the soft tissue of the gingival and jawbone, have no cuts, and thus no swelling and pain. Also very soon after the surgery you will eat, bite the food as you wish, all due to the fact that the soft tissues grow together within 10 hours, which is a significant advantage over other methods

• Flapless surgical technique leads to less trauma and faster recovery of tissue around the implant, after its implantation. Because they do not injure the soft tissues, it provides the best technique at the gum level. That is why I definitely recommend it as the best implant technique if there are indications for it regardless of the price, because when it comes to your comfort and health then you have to come first.

Dr. Zdenko Trampus, DDS



Lacking one or more teeth is not merely an esthetic problem!

It can have a long-term effect on your health as well. Precisely for that reason, at dental clinic Ortoimplant we dedicate special attention to teeth as necessary elements for speaking and chewing. Once a balance has been achieved there, body symmetry together with face symmetry will be improved, which will also have a special effect upon proper walking ability. Along with that, we will make your smile more beautiful and life healthier.



Do you dread wearing braces because you are not keen on having a “metallic smile?”

At Ortoimplant dental clinic, we use state-of-the-art orthodontic techniques to correct irregular teeth at any given age. “The invisible braces” (lingual method) are set at the inner side of the teeth and are an ideal solution for all those who don't want to hide their smile. In line with our reputation, we are the only dental clinic in Croatia that practices the AOO method which corrects your teeth in only a few days. This method is very attractive for all people who communicate a lot, both in private life and business-wise.


(root canal treatment)

You probably shudder just hearing the phrase “root extraction.”

At dental clinic Ortoimplant, we believe that toothache cannot be solved merely by extracting teeth. We also treat teeth with endodontic therapy by which they maintain their functionality and cause no more toothaches. Root canals are disinfected with bio-ozone, which supplies tissue with oxygen and enables quicker and easier treatment. Our experts also use a modern 3D endodontic appliance, called “Down Pack”, which enables filling all of the root canals that cannot be achieved with classical methods.


esthetics dentistry

Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you!

A beautiful smile has a positive effect on your self-confidence and openness towards other people. At dental clinic Ortoimplant, we use the latest methods and materials to remove even the smallest imperfections. Thanks to the “ZOOM!” whitening process, the enamel of your teeth will be naturally whitened in just one dental treatment and your enamel and gums protected. This procedure is completely pain-free and leaves you with a full and the most desirable smile in the world.



Potentiated analgosation

While you dream, we work on your smile - In most cases, we give up visiting the dentist for fear.

A visit to the dentist can really be a pleasant experience, free of any discomfort and thoughts of fear and pain, because sedation provides greater safety and comfort for the patient, reduces the number of visits to the dentist, and enables the dental team to more efficiently perform the procedure with a higher degree of quality.

For many, visiting a dentist is an unpleasant experience that tries to avoid at all costs. This is why dentists are focused on the root cause of discomfort and ways to reduce its intensity. In dentistry, pain relief procedures generally rely on the use of topical anesthesia.

Fear of pain, or pain of fear, is difficult to discern ... By no means must we forget the fear that usually comes as a sign of pain. Sometimes it occurs even when the pain does not exist, and sometimes we experience less painful stimuli as extremely painful.

Fear can be recognized by a multitude of features such as increased heart rate per minute, high blood pressure, shivering, feeling uneasy and anxious. It varies from person to person, but in many cases it is precisely the reason why we refuse to visit the dentist. Psychologists agree that traumatic experiences that children experience during childhood significantly affect their feelings and behavior later in life. In dentistry this is especially pronounced, therefore one should be especially careful to avoid painful experiences and thus fears that lead to dentist avoidance.

The absence of fear and all the accompanying emotions is achieved through the use of medicines, and this condition is called sedation. Minimal sedation implies a minimally reduced level of awareness caused by drugs that do not affect the patient's ability to breathe independently and consciously. The normal sense of touch and the ability to talk during the procedure are maintained. Balance disturbances are possible and heart and lung function are not disturbed. There is no unwanted loss of consciousness, while the feeling of drowsiness disappears very quickly, twenty minutes after the procedure.

Moderate sedation is used for severe and prolonged interventions. Drugs given intravenously change the level of awareness. The patient is drowsy, difficult to talk to, but responds to the verbal and tactile messages of the dentist, without feeling panic or fear. He breathes on his own and normal heart function is maintained. He does not have to remember the procedure and does not feel uncomfortable visiting the dentist.

Sedation or others
in words - the best way
sleep pain.

Sedation, then, is a state of diminished awareness that is achieved by administering certain drugs that act on the central nervous system and is completely controlled by the anesthetist. It is used for major and severe dental procedures lasting more than twenty minutes. Most often, when it comes to more radical and painful procedures, especially implant and other surgical procedures, the patient should be calm. The methods of sedation used in dentistry are: inhalation, oral and intravenous. Sedation is especially recommended for patients who show severe fear, even with minor fears.

Forget the pain, dream in the dentist's chair. Before the dental procedure itself, it is necessary that the patient who wants the procedure with the use of sedation completes a questionnaire determining his health status. If the patient meets all the required criteria, he or she is allowed sedation.

With his signature, the patient confirms that he agrees to the dental procedure and the use of sedation during the procedure. After the procedure, the patient stays in the dental clinic for about twenty minutes and is obliged to have an escort when leaving the clinic.



ozone therapy

Dental Clinic "Ortoimplant Dental Spa" uses ozone therapy for seven years in dental procedures
Ozone therapy or ozone therapy, a highly active form of pure oxygen, is a natural therapy that is increasingly used in medicine and dentistry for the purpose of regenerating damaged tissues and accelerating their healing. Because any damaged tissue shows poor oxygen saturation, after ozone application, cells assimilate oxygen, an element vital to their repair, and return to their primary state of health and balance. Ozone therapy removes toxins from the body, reduces inflammation, regulates ph tissues and activates circulation in the damaged area - that is, allows the body to heal itself.

In addition to being effective, it is also a completely painless and safe therapy for patients who want to return to their daily activities as soon as possible after a dental procedure - without discomfort and in the complete absence of pain, and Ortoimplant Dental Spa can be proud of its patients it has been providing this service for the last seven years.

"As one of the first dental surgeries in Croatia to introduce ozone into dental therapy, we are witnessing faster, by some estimates, up to eight times faster recovery of patients, then the absence of pain and the absence of infections. Ozone, in addition to endodontics and implantology, also affects herpes, aphtha and mycosis, allowing us to directly feed oxygen to cells, even those cells that are about ten centimeters deep in tissue that can reach large probes . ”- says Dr. Zdenko Trampus, DDS, creator of the Ortoimplant Dental Spa concept.

Ozone therapy detected
in mid-19th century Germany

The father of ozone therapy, the German chemist Christian Friedrich Schönbein did not even suspect what a sensational discovery he had made in 1840 when he discovered a gas with an unusually fresh odor at the University of Basel (Switzerland) and called it ozone - a Greek root word for odor or fresh air. His discovery continued all further research into the effects of ozone, nowadays mostly conducted in Europe and America, and established professional medical ozone therapy associations around the world with the umbrella association - International Scientific Committee on Ozonotherapy (ISCO3 or the International Scientific Association for ozone therapy), in order to scientifically establish and standardize the principles of using this effective therapy.

How does ozone therapy work?

Ozone therapy activates immunity in infectious diseases, increases cell oxygen supply, increases blood flow to tissues, acts to release cellular growth factors and stimulates the regeneration of damaged tissues and dramatically reduces or even completely eliminates pain by acting on pain receptors. Scientific research has proven its effects in dental surgery and cystitis, chronic hepatitis, herpes infection, diabetes and macular degeneration.

What is Medical Ozone?

Oxygen is an electron-deficient atom, which means that as an atom it is very unstable and as such it cannot stand on its own in nature and generally forms a stable O2 molecule - the oxygen molecule found in our atmosphere. But except as O2, a certain number of oxygen atoms in nature merge into an O3 molecule - the ozone molecule, which contains three oxygen atoms and serves as a powerful biological stimulus.

Just as it occurs in nature, medical ozone is generated by the passage of oxygen through a BIOZON device in which a probe, due to the action of a high-frequency electromagnetic field, results in the separation of oxygen into atoms and ultimately the formation of a mixture of oxygen and ozone for therapeutic purposes.

The use of ozone therapy in dentistry

Although ozone therapy has long been successfully used for cosmetic purposes, in order to reach dental offices, it was necessary to substantiate its application with scientific evidence of action and to set high standards of its applicability as supportive therapy in many conventional dental therapies with great advantages:

- Prophylaxis and treatment of dental caries
- Treatment of mucous membranes - afts, herpes (zoster and labial herpes), fungal infections
- Periodontal treatment
- In endodontics for root canal disinfection
- Teeth whitening and dental fillings
- In oral surgery after tooth extraction and flushing during surgery
- Treatment of halitosis (bad breath)
- In implantology for the treatment and prophylaxis of periimplantitis
- Treatment of damaged soft tissues (radiation therapy, decubitus resulting from dentures)
- Treatment of slow healing wounds, infected wounds and inflammatory processes
- Reduces anesthetic use and pain after dental surgery
- Destroys 99% of bacteria in caries
- Caries therapy and as a pre-treatment for fistula sealing in pediatric dental medicine



prevention of dental damage

You are worried about caries or
gum bleeding?

Modern individual prophylaxis performed by a dentist ensures that it does not occur at all. '' They are responsible dental hygienists and assistants who regularly clean the tartar, remove pigmentation, and polish their teeth with special polishing paste. In addition, each patient receives a home care concept tailored to their individual risk factors. This takes time and, of course, patient cooperation, but it all pays off, "says Dr. Zdenko Trampus. With professional dental care, not only can we keep our teeth healthy and beautiful all our lives, but also ensure long-term success in the treatment of teeth and gums. Prophylaxis is therefore an indispensable prerequisite for any concept of treatment for Dr. Trampus. then get into teeth repair, "Dr. Trampus thinks. Dr. Trampus' office employs professional dental hygienists who care for his patients at the highest level. '' Our new patients feel very dissatisfied with the appearance of their teeth and gums and come with the intention of whitening their teeth, but after professional cleaning and polishing, their teeth gleam and the gums recover in the short term and become healthier, '' says Dr. Zdenko Trampus .

Beautiful and healthy teeth for life!

 Prophylaxis allows this, and current studies confirm that individual care measures can prevent the greatest number of dental caries and inflammation of the gums. It is important to regularly and professionally clean your teeth. At Dr. Trampus' office, this is done by a professionally trained dental hygienist and uses ultrasound and hand instruments for this purpose.

Ivana Trampuš
professional dental hygienist


functional dentistry


At the Ortoimplant Dental Spa Dental Clinic, a special approach involves creating and studying the relationship of teeth and their impact on health as a whole. Particular attention is paid to comprehensive diagnoses to restore the balance of the whole organism.

Human teeth and the human tooth are not only tasked with grinding food. Moreover, in many mental states, the tooth plays a significant role. When a man rejoices and laughs, he shows his teeth. One who does not have or has bad teeth can often no longer laugh heartily.

Mental problems or difficulties also have to do with the dental process and the process of chewing. This is evident from many expressions and proverbs: Chew through problems. Bite your way through the difficulties. When you're in trouble, grit your teeth. He grinds his teeth in anger. And what exactly is the bite with most people without even realizing it. Improper bite habits can - just like gnashing of teeth - lead to severe damage to the teeth and ultimately loss of one or more teeth.

How to tell if you are alone
for mental and physical exertion perform
such bite movements as they possibly are
already caused damage?

It is not uncommon that headaches occur in the area of ​​the temples as the first sign of stress or mental illness caused by overloading of the teeth, whether they are present in the morning or may intensify during the day or appear in the evening.

If you notice any of the above, you should consult your dentist. Zdenko Trampus DDS, one of the founders of the first Croatian Scientific Working Group on Functional Therapy of the Jaw. Before you do this, you can determine by yourself a little "trick" whether you are overloading your teeth. Attach white postcard-sized postcards with a red dot or red cross on your workplace, in the car under the rearview mirror and at home, in the various places where you work intensively. Whenever you look at these markings during work, ask yourself, "What am I doing with my teeth, tongue and lips?" with the tip behind the lower teeth and the lips not crushed or sucked in between the teeth.

Anything that deviates from this normal condition damages your teeth. The result of your observation should be communicated to your dentist at your next visit. Dangerous loads on your teeth can also occur in your sleep. This is also indicated by headaches or facial pains during waking. If you notice these occurrences more often, you should seek your dentist as soon as possible. And in this case, make the red dot test described above a few days before your visit to your doctor. This will make it easier for your doctor to identify your disorders and find possible ways to help.


Our laboratory is the only functionally certified dental laboratory in Croatia that follows newest trends using materials and methods technologically most advanced, in everyday practice. Our dental technicians are constantly in contact with doctors and patients, involved in every step of the planning process to get as much information regarding the patients and their needs as possible.

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