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When it comes to your teeth, you need a reliable dentist.

In cases of complete edentulism, choose the best.

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Ortoimplant Dental SPA Clinic


The story about the unique Ortoimplant Dental SPA clinic would never have been told, had it not been conceived and created by Dr Zdenko Trampuš, DDS.


This dental visionary and leading figure of Croatian implantology is known for constantly researching and introducing some of the most advanced technologies and methods in dental practice.

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Intravenous Supplements

Aesthetic Dentistry 

Relax and let yourself be guided by the best tourism experts specialising in luxury travel in Croatia – we have designed various tours and trips tailored to your wishes and requirements.

Our clinic offers vitamin-mineral elixirs that help you quickly regain optimal health and physical and mental well-being.

Your smile is one of the first things people will notice about you. A beautiful smile has a positive effect on your self-confidence and openness. 

If you’ve been told that you’re not a good candidate for dental implants due to bone loss in the upper jaw, and that an uncomfortable denture or bone augmentation (sinus lift) are your only remaining options, you’ll be happy to hear that Zygoma All-on-4 implants are suitable for everyone!

Show your perfect smile to the world thanks to All-on-4 – a method of fitting four implants into each jaw, which support a digitally designed set of teeth.

Zrinjevac, Zagreb, CROATIA
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Zoran Stojić, Croatia

Thanks to the expertise and knowledge of Dr Zdenko Trampuš and his team, my long-standing dental problems have been solved. My life has changed completely, a smile has returned to my face and I am finally enjoying food. I owe my gratitude to a friend who recommended Ortoimplant and Dr Trampuš to me.


Gerhard Toth, Austria

I felt very comfortable at the Ortoimplant Dental SPA clinic. The service Dr Trampuš and his team provide is first-class. I will definitely recommend Ortoimplant Dental SPA because they finally solved my problem by using zygomatic implants.


Anet Dan, Israel

Upon arriving at the Ortoimplant Dental SPA clinic, I was greeted warmly and with a smile. Dr Zdenko Trampuš received me with kindness and assured me that my experience there would be nothing but pleasant. The entire team of the Ortoimplant Dental SPA clinic does everything to make their patients as comfortable as possible. That’s why I’d recommend the Ortoimplant Dental SPA clinic – they have changed my opinion of dentists for the better!

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